Artykuły YOUCAT unleashes its potential. Even in the Peruvian jungle!


YOUCAT unleashes its potential. Even in the Peruvian jungle!

mins read | 03. styczeń 2024 | Stani Mičkovicová

YOUCAT unleashes its potential

Where conventional routes fail, YOUCAT builds connections! YOUCAT has reached even the most remote regions of the Peruvian jungle in the amazon region.

Although most of the population is catholic, in a lot of places of Peru there is a tendency to mix the Christian faith with the indigenous culture. This mixture leads to the fading of the Christian message and shows how spread the indigenous cults are, even among Catholics.

Facing this and other challenges, the YOUCAT Foundation sees as its fundamental task to provide clarity and orientation worldwide through digital and printed products. For many years, YOUCAT has been supporting missionaries and catechists so they can pass on the Catholic faith through traditional teaching.

YOUCAT material is also a valuable resource in “Moyobamba”, a catholic territorial prelature in the middle of the Peruvian amazon region. Thanks to a project by Aid to the Church in Need, a smashing number of publications have been scattered around catechists and seminarists, such as the Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church, YOUCAT for kids and the Bible. Its use is vital for the local Church, as without it, the few priests of the amazon jungle would be overwhelmed, and evangelization would be harder.

Seminarians and volunteers offer catechesis to a total of seven chapels of the prelature of Moyobamba. YOUCAT materials have become a very important part of the catechetical formation in the amazon region. The seminarians also benefit from the content of the YOUCAT publications and use it for their own personal development. Furthermore, with the help of YOUCAT materials, catechists can promote teamwork and create a familiar environment in their communities. Thanks to YOUCAT, a total of 700 people, among children, youth and adults, are provided with valuable knowledge on the groundings of the Christian faith.

Although transportation routes are often unsafe, catechists always find new ways to arrive to the most remote villages. This can mean a trip filled with adventure across the jungle, especially during the rainy season. And yet they spare no effort, because they are missionaries in the name of the Lord!