Artykuły Colombia reports success with pastoral projects


Colombia reports success with pastoral projects

As part of two pastoral projects in Colombia supported by the international organization “Aid to the Church in Need” (ACN), young people from the dioceses of Riohacha and Cali received support in evangelization and spiritual formation. Both dioceses face numerous pastoral challenges, including social injustice, exacerbated by the presence of guerrilla groups and drug trafficking. The Church tries to respond to these and other difficulties in the light of its social doctrine and the Gospel and offers holistic catechesis involving mind, heart, and action.

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Diocese of Riohacha

In the Diocese of Riohacha, the project focused on distributing 500 copies of Y-Bible, YOUCAT, DOCAT, and YOUCAT for Kids. These materials were used to support the training of catechists, youth leaders, and children. Participants’ high commitment and engagement were crucial to the project’s success. They visited the workshops, meetings, and retreats regularly, showing great interest and motivation to deepen their knowledge and sharpen their skills in catechesis.
The project also improved cooperation between various pastoral areas. In total, 2000 copies were distributed to parishes, organizations, and educational institutions. Additional copies of DOCAT were given to the Secretariate for Social Pastoral to support their work. The project successfully strengthened the training of catechists, youth leaders, and pastoral actors, and has proved to be of significant value for evangelization and spiritual accompaniment. It has contributed to revitalizing kids’ and youth ministry in parishes and diocesan communities and increased participation in church activities. The dynamic and participatory approach taken in these activities has facilitated communicating the faith to children and young people vividly and engagingly, promoting their missionary spirit and commitment to the Church.

Archdiocese of Cali

The youth engagement project in the Archdiocese of Cali aimed to reach young people in marginalized communities. 500 copies of the YOUCAT Bible, YOUCAT for Kids, and DOCAT were distributed to strengthen catechesis and evangelization. In total, 1500 more books were disseminated and more than 150 catechists were trained in their use. Their training covered topics such as the use of the Bible in catechesis, the social teachings of the Church, and modern catechetical methods. The project exceeded its original goals and reached 1500 young people. The distribution of these materials was prepared under the leadership of Father Albert Madroñero. The YOUCAT Youth Catechism was distributed to children and young people in catechetical training, the YOUCAT Bibles to young people preparing for confirmation, and DOCAT to youth groups and youth pastoral movements. Several meetings were organized to train the catechists in using the materials.

These pastoral projects in the dioceses of Riohacha and Cali show the positive impact of targeted pastoral initiatives with YOUCAT materials and the importance of support from international partners such as ACN. The efforts of the two dioceses have not only contributed to spiritual education but have also strengthened the community and promoted the commitment of young people.

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