Credopedia What is Holiness, and can I become holy, too?


What is Holiness, and can I become holy, too?

To most people, holiness sounds like something unattainable and unpopular. They believe that holiness is something for the chosen few. But the good news is that you can become holy, too!

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Holiness in everyday life

Holiness means living everyday life with God in mind, whether you’re hanging out with friends, working on the computer, shopping, or praying. Saints aren’t recognized for their spectacular deeds, miracles, or extraordinary abilities. Rather, we remember them for the way they lived their everyday lives. Saints are people who have lived the ordinary in an extraordinary way. They knew how to make every situation precious and give it eternal value, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, through their love! Even if only by doing their duty in faithful love as best they could. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta once said: “It’s not about what we do or how much we do, but about how much love we put into what we do.”

Being holy does not mean being perfect, flawless, or without sin. The saints we venerate today were people just like us. They had their good days and their bad days, their strengths and their weaknesses. But what set them apart from other people is this: They lived in the continual forgiveness of God. They fell – but then, they got up again. They never gave up on themselves. When they reached their human limits, they trusted in God all the more. The saints knew they were not required to do everything through their own strength. Firmly trusting in God’s unconditional love they received before any achievements of their own, the saints became free and happy people.

A Look Beyond the Earthly

Saints made God the king of their story. They enjoyed an intimate and trusting bond with him and understood what mattered in life – and what didn’t. With a mix of humor and earnestness, St. Philip Neri showed a young man there is more to life than storing up riches and climbing the social ladder. When the young man once told St. Philip Neri that he was studying and hoped to complete his studies soon, Saint Philipp asked: “And then?” – “Then I’ll become a lawyer.” – “And then what?” – “Then I’ll be famous and conduct many trials.” – “And then what?” – “Then I’ll earn a lot of money, buy everything I want, marry a beautiful woman, and lead a wonderfully happy life.” – “And then?” asked Philipp Neri persistently – “Then…” said the young man and suddenly paused. And he slowly began to understand.

This “And then?” also applies to us because our earthly life, even if we have 100 years to live, is short compared to eternity. But this eternity depends entirely on just this brief moment!

Every Human Being is Made for Holiness

Man strives for more than a lost paradise. He seeks God himself. In fact, it is the destiny of every human being to find peace and complete fulfillment in God. Man is created so sublime that the earthly, however beautiful and pleasant it may be, can’t satisfy him completely.

Putting God first in our life makes our path clear. Then, everything that happens to us, even the suffering, takes on meaning. Our entire life becomes a single “vision of God”, regardless of our circumstances.

But what if we aren’t perfect? What if we have a past that is perhaps not so glorious? God can make crooked paths straight. Through the gift of the sacraments, Jesus offers us potent remedies to experience his presence and receive his healing power in every phase of our lives. One example is Mary Magdalene, whose story you can find in the New Testament: After her encounter with Jesus, she experienced his deep forgiveness and started her life anew. She became a saint!

Becoming Holy is a Choice

You, too, can become holy. God wants to heal you, even if you aren’t aware of your wounds. He knows you better than you know yourself. So remember: Becoming holy is more than a pious wish. It’s a choice!

Whatever your past might have looked like, it is up to you to be a good person from this point forward, to be a saint.

Remember: You have a mission in this world. Your calling is to respond to God’s love with love. No matter where you are at right now! The saints often expressed deep joy and fulfillment amid their various afflictions and sufferings. You have just the same power to turn your life around. Choose holiness! But don’t put it off until tomorrow – holiness is about TODAY.