Personal greetings from ERNEST KWESI ANING


I have benefited immensely using YouCat for my catechism formation in Ghana - Africa, it makes my work as a catechist easier when all students in my class have a copy of YOUCAT. Thank you Mr. Bernhard for your work, please help make it more affordable for African catechumens. God richly bless you and your family. Amen.


Other Greetings

DANKE SEHR, lieber Bernhard, Vergelt’s Gott!! Du bist ein Geschenk für die Kirche und uns alle! Du hast ihr und uns so viel Wertvolles geschenkt…

Lucia und Hans-Peter Hauser

YOUCAT Love Team

18. styczeń 2024

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What comes after Bernhard Meuser? It's hard to imagine YOUCAT without him, because nobody shaped the YOUCAT Foundation as much as he did. Since…

Dr. Theresia Theuke

YOUCAT International Director

18. styczeń 2024

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A clever, creative thinker, educated theologian, networker, passionate fisher of men and – likely more important than ever today – a "courageous"…

Martin Rothweiler

Programmdirektor EWTN.TV

18. styczeń 2024

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