Personal greetings from Manisha Sharon Thompson

Greetings from Hyderabad, India. You don't know me sir but I know you very well. I've been part of Youcat for more than two years and that's the best thing that has happened to me. Youcat has given me a strong foundation for my catholic faith and I couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you for everything you do and praying for your future endeavours.

Manisha Sharon Thompson

Other Greetings

Ich kenne kaum Menschen, die Weisheit und Demut, Schreibkunst und Ideenreichtum so zusammenbringen wie Du, lieber Bernhard. Am Meisten schätze…

Katharina Hauser

YOUCAT Love Team

18. January 2024

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Lieber Bernhard, Eigentlich ist es unvorstellbar, dass du bei Youcat aufhörst. Der Youcat bist du!!! Ohne Dich wäre kein einziges Projekt ...

Michaela Heereman

22. January 2024

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Several associations immediately spring to mind when I think of Bernhard Meuser: Passionate about the Church; a big heart for Christ; the man...

Bischof Dr. Stefan Oster SDB

Bistum Passau, Germany

18. January 2024

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