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Lieber Bernhard Meuser, das System Frage - Antwort ist für die jungen Menschen unserer Zeit sehr wichtig. Danke für Ihr Engagement und auf wiedersehen! Gottes Segen für Sie und Ihre Familie! Pfarrer Michael Menzinger

Michael Menzinger
Pfarrer ( Bistum Augsburg )

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Dear Bernhard, I met you in awe for the first time in Aschau on Lake Chiemsee in 2021. THE great YOUCAT author. Wow ... I was delighted and…

Guido Gröning

YOUCAT International CEO

18. Janeiro 2024

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What comes after Bernhard Meuser? It's hard to imagine YOUCAT without him, because nobody shaped the YOUCAT Foundation as much as he did. Since…

Dr. Theresia Theuke

YOUCAT International Director

18. Janeiro 2024

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Thank you Bernhard for your dedication to adapt the catechesis content to different books that have helped and still help millions of young…

Veronica Katz

YOUCAT Love Team

18. Janeiro 2024

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