Cumprimentos pessoais de Marcelino Gauguin

Dear Mr. Bernhard Meuser Thank you for being in the forefront of creating inspirational materials to communicate the christian message. The task is ever challenging and interesting and the Youcat materials have in this regard been instrumental for catechetical centres like ours. Best wishes and God's blessings!

Marcelino Gauguin
Pastoral-Centret, Diocese of Copenhagen, Denmark

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Lieber Bernhard, Eigentlich ist es unvorstellbar, dass du bei Youcat aufhörst. Der Youcat bist du!!! Ohne Dich wäre kein einziges Projekt ...

Michaela Heereman

22. Janeiro 2024

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Thank you Bernhard for your dedication to adapt the catechesis content to different books that have helped and still help millions of young…

Veronica Katz

YOUCAT Love Team

18. Janeiro 2024

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Thank you Bernhard for being so courageous and helping so many young people like me. I cannot forget the YOUCAT ice-cream story and this photo…

Maria Francis


18. Janeiro 2024

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