Saludos personales de Pablo Arias

Hey Bernhard, a few years ago I met you in the Panama WYD, in a stand where you personally gave me the DOCAT and I didn't knew who you were until some months later. I got impressed by your essence and the humble way you addressed me without degrees. And also in a moment I was somehow helping in the stand sharing to others, copies of the DOCAT and telling them about the project. I don't really know where had you been in that while but in a way you trusted in me to be a helping hand for some minutes. And there I was pretty much more sure about what I believed and enhanced my value for sharing God's message to the world as well as being in the most natural situation with you, an inspiration to us all and to the world. Thanks a lot for all your gifts and sharings. I know God has a special place for you in His heart and we will be forever grateful with you.

Pablo Arias

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Lieber Bernhard, Eigentlich ist es unvorstellbar, dass du bei Youcat aufhörst. Der Youcat bist du!!! Ohne Dich wäre kein einziges Projekt ...

Michaela Heereman

22. enero 2024

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Several associations immediately spring to mind when I think of Bernhard Meuser: Passionate about the Church; a big heart for Christ; the man...

Bischof Dr. Stefan Oster SDB

Bistum Passau, Germany

18. enero 2024

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Thank you Bernhard for your dedication to adapt the catechesis content to different books that have helped and still help millions of young…

Veronica Katz

YOUCAT Love Team

18. enero 2024

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