Persönlicher Gruß von Siska

Thankyou Bernhard Meuser, YOUCAT is the first place I learned to organize. Since I first joined YOUCAT Indonesia in 2020, I have been able to develop many things within myself, both knowledge of faith and the ability to relate to many people. I like having a family in YOUCAT. Thank you for your dedication to YOUCAT, your work has impacted many young people, including myself. I hope your spirit remains alive and channeled through YOUCAT. I also feel that my life has been energized by YOUCAT and I will never tire of introducing YOUCAT to many young people, and catechists who need to know about touching young people in the YOUCAT way. God Bless You Bernhad Meuser, We love you

YOUCAT Indonesia

Weitere Grüße

Ich glaube nicht, dass Bernhard Meuser in Ruhestand geht. Er wird sicher weiter mit Herzblut seine tollen Projekte begleiten. Ich habe dieses…

Manfred Lütz

18. Januar 2024


Thank you Bernhard for being so courageous and helping so many young people like me. I cannot forget the YOUCAT ice-cream story and this photo…

Maria Francis


18. Januar 2024


Lieber Bernhard, Eigentlich ist es unvorstellbar, dass du bei Youcat aufhörst. Der Youcat bist du!!! Ohne Dich wäre kein einziges Projekt ...

Michaela Heereman

22. Januar 2024