Persönlicher Gruß von Nadia Nicole


Dear daddy Bernhard, I am so grateful to know someone like you! you are such a great person, like father to me, our meeting always something that I waiting for. I will never forget our Youcat trip together, every couching an encouragement that you gave to me and shape me the way I am now. I hope you will enjoy your retirement time, and I hope we can meet again one day face to face! thank for giving YOUCAT spirit, and help young people to know more aboout our catholic faith

Nadia Nicole
Youcat Indonesia

Weitere Grüße

Thank you Bernhard for being so courageous and helping so many young people like me. I cannot forget the YOUCAT ice-cream story and this photo…

Maria Francis


18. Januar 2024


Lieber Bernhard, mit dem vergangenen Jahr geht eine mehr als eine Dekade währende, unglaublich schöne Zusammenarbeit zu Ende. Unser kreativer…

Alexander Lengerke

YOUCAT Illustrator

18. Januar 2024


What comes after Bernhard Meuser? It's hard to imagine YOUCAT without him, because nobody shaped the YOUCAT Foundation as much as he did. Since…

Dr. Theresia Theuke

YOUCAT International Director

18. Januar 2024