Persönlicher Gruß von Nadia Nicole


Dear daddy Bernhard, I am so grateful to know someone like you! you are such a great person, like father to me, our meeting always something that I waiting for. I will never forget our Youcat trip together, every couching an encouragement that you gave to me and shape me the way I am now. I hope you will enjoy your retirement time, and I hope we can meet again one day face to face! thank for giving YOUCAT spirit, and help young people to know more aboout our catholic faith

Nadia Nicole
Youcat Indonesia

Weitere Grüße

A clever, creative thinker, educated theologian, networker, passionate fisher of men and – likely more important than ever today – a "courageous"…

Martin Rothweiler

Programmdirektor EWTN.TV

18. Januar 2024


Dear Bernhard, I met you in awe for the first time in Aschau on Lake Chiemsee in 2021. THE great YOUCAT author. Wow ... I was delighted and…

Guido Gröning

YOUCAT International CEO

18. Januar 2024


Several associations immediately spring to mind when I think of Bernhard Meuser: Passionate about the Church; a big heart for Christ; the man...

Bischof Dr. Stefan Oster SDB

Bistum Passau, Germany

18. Januar 2024