YOUCAT Firmkurs Begleitbuch

YOUCAT Firmkurs Begleitbuch

Vorbereitung auf Firmung

The companion book to the YOUCAT confirmation book for group leaders. The companion book to the YOUCAT confirmation book contains suggestions for each lesson including ready, tried and tested materials (worksheets, print templates, games, etc.). In addition, theological texts and references to YOUCAT and the Bible provide a solid and effective preparation for each lesson. More than two million copies sold in just one year show the overwhelming success of the book with young people, parents and priests.

  • Flexcover 103 Seiten
  • Autoren Nils Baer
  • Auflage 1 (14. Januar 2014)
  • ISBN-13 978-3945148020
Buch (Flexcover)
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